We all need experience

By November 19, 2019Decisions

A couple of days ago it dawned on me that I had taken a bad decision that I needed to correct. I should have realised it some days earlier and acted then rather than let the consequences of it rumble on making getting back on the right track marginally more difficult. Sorting it out reminded me of my great-grandma who used unravel jumpers and use the wool to re-knit something: the result was never as good when the wool was used the first time,

This is how it can be with decision-making. Sometimes the wisdom and judgement that you bring to an issue have a negative effect and the outcome that you set out to achieve with your decision not as shinny as you wanted. I keep a log in which I register the basic tenets and outcomes of critical decisions that I have made. The good, the bad and the ugly go in it, and it serves the gateway to my experience bank. I use it to recall decision traps and to replicate positive experiences. I recommend the practice to one and all. Think long and hard about how you learnt to make decisions; you will be in a small minority if you were formally taught. For most people, the total of their decision-making capacity is gained from experience. Constructively capture yours.