If you belong to an organisation or a group that needs to take a collective decision and then swing behind it……

If you have an intractable problem and you want to expand your options….

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We all take a myriad of decisions every day. Some are personal, some are business, some are major and some minor, but we are affected and those around us are affected. Nothing happens without a decision being taken and the rate at which you get things done depends on the rate which you make decisions. Decision-making is like exercise, the more you that you do the more able you are to do it and, the more systematic you are about it, the better you become.

Decision-making is the door through which all leaders and aspiring leaders must pass in order to be successful. Being aware of the decisions that matter, having processes you trust for both your personal and business decision-making are essential ingredients for any successful, sustainable and productive organisation. Tracking the results of your decision-making is a rich source of learning material.