David Knowles-Leak is a speaker with a difference. He has an engaging and thought-provoking platform presence. He carefully tailors each presentation to the needs of his client and the audience.

David speaks and writes on decision-making. He has spent the last 20 years working in the field of leadership development. Previously, he was a Senior Director at sales and general management level in major UK, USA and European corporates. He raised venture capital and led a buyout of a UK group of companies in the teeth of a deep recession and he established a trading company which opened up hitherto unexploited supply lines from China and Russia.

David is currently writing a book on decision-making and his clients include Air Products, Del Monte, ICI and The University of Nottingham.

David’s presentation titles include:

* The negative power of no and deadly dilemmas. Banish these two decision killing beasts. Nothing happens anywhere or to anyone without a decision being taken.

* We all do Strategy and make Decisions. Organise the information and create calm.
A calm and rational approach will produce fewer errors than a stress-fueled environment.

* Decisions are risky, you won’t get them all right. How to set the values and get more of them right. Leadership is established when people decide and act in line with those values.

* Big bad decisions can kill off companies and careers. Getting small decisions right is important, getting the big ones right is essential. The secrets of decision making success. Decision-making talks are popular as they are relevant to everyone in the organisation, on both a professional and personal level. David peppers his presentations with relevant stories and illustrations. His calm, confident manner puts the audience at ease during his talks, workshops and presentations. To find out more about David’s public speaking services, discuss dates or to schedule a call please either email or call 07585 775 438. Alternatively, use the contact form below.